Sunday, 10 January 2016

A Day in Amsterdam, 2016

When you have the chance and just over 24 hours to explore a new city in Europe it was en route Amsterdam from London town... We had no idea what to expect other than the -2 degree weather we were going to face and the 50/50 chance of being run down by a bike... But Amsterdam is definitely one of those cities that can be caught off guard. With only one full day of exploring and unfortunate warnings for rain at 2pm, we knew we weren't going to see all the major sites; but that was the best thing about this city, you don't need to see it all to get a feel of what Amsterdam is all about. 

Whether it's raining or there is a glimpse of sunshine, you can explore this city in the best two ways I now know how. Walking along the canal - admiring town houses that stand shoulder to shoulder, exploring hidden lane ways and finding magical cafes like my new favourite spot: Pluk in Reestraat 19. When and if it starts raining, like it did for us, we decided to join in on a canal cruise. This was the best way to see but also learn the history of Amsterdam. 
We got through everything we wanted to see in the short time we had, and it's safe to say that Amsterdam lives up to the hype.


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