Saturday, 23 July 2016

Exploring Cinque Terre, Italy

I had a feeling Italy would be one of my favourite places in Europe considering my love for pasta... but despite my love for Italian foods, our first stop in Italy was Cinque Terre and these 5 picturesque towns definitely hit that mark.

Cinque Terre is made up of five seaside towns along the Italian coastline: Monterosso, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola and Riomaggiore. All in which have their own distinct charm. Most people think spending a top of three days is enough but a lot of the locals say five days is the perfect amount of time for tourists to see why each town is worth the extra day.

Spending our five days in the small town of Riomaggiore, it had to be my favourite. Not only because we spent our nights there but because it was the second biggest town, in which a less tourist vibe played out. Riomaggiore was a very friendly town which made it feel a little like home. By the sea, cliff jumping was a big thing as well as snorkelling and kayaking.

Monterosso was the most popular town and is definitely worth a day trip with time to explore, relax on the beach and grab a bite to eat. This is the town with the picturesque umbrellas, which are quite expensive if you're travelling on a tight budget! But would totally be worth it if you're staying there for quite a while.

I suggest watching the sunset in the town of Manarola one evening, the sun setting complements the colourful houses on the cliff and it couldn't be more beautiful. 

We spent our final full day in Vernazza which seemed to be the most busiest town of them all. Not just in terms of the crowd but this was the only town that had food and clothing markets, beach games and music pumping across the ocean front. In Vernazza, there is also a hiking trail which leads to an amazing birds eye view of the town. The gelato here is amazing too - with many flavours to choose from!

 Corniglia wasn't really a must this trip as this town is the smallest, is known to be the least popular and isn't directly by the sea. We had five days but we spent each day exploring the towns thoroughly while also trying to relax which meant Corniglia became a must for next time.


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