Tuesday, 9 August 2016

The Island of Capri

If you're cruising the Amalfi Coast of Italy, a day trip to Capri Island is definitely needed... We used one of our four days in Positano to take a tour boat to explore the whole Island, and it was so worth it. Leaving early in the morning from Positano and travelling along the Amalfi giving us the chance to take in all of the beautiful villages and surroundings. There was a pit stop in open waters for a cheeky swim and snorkel, leaving half a day to explore the actual island. I feel like this was the best option, as we had a tour guide on board explaining details we would have never known if we took the ferry. We stopped through different natural caves of Capri, that had unique features and history which was unreal.

When we arrived on shore, we explored the first town near the ocean which has a collection of restaurants and markets. This is also the area with access to the little beach, filled with people soaking up the sun. We then made our way to the top of the hill to the next town which is home to a lot of high end fashion boutiques, more restaurants and one of the best gelato shops on the island. This town is where we spent most of the day, exploring little streets, dishing out on 4 course meals for 16 Euros and admiring the views from above. To reach the top we caught the towns funicular for 1.80 Euros, however walking is also an option which we did on the way down. Much quicker option if the lines are too long in the afternoon! 

Capri Island, the Faraglioni (south of Capri) and the Amalfi Coast are nothing but perfect! 


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