Thursday, 4 August 2016

When in Rome

Spending five days in Rome was just the right amount of time to explore this huge, romantic city. A lot of people thought otherwise but to really see why Rome is so beautiful, the extra few days is worth it. My thoughts, probably like every other 90s girl, was to tick off the Lizzie McGuire bucket list.

We spent our days wandering the city, eating too much spaghetti, throwing coins in the Trevi Fountain, exploring Vatican City, learning the history behind the Colosseum and walking up and down Campo die Fiori markets - one of the oldest markets in Rome. We also made our way to the Spanish steps in which were unfortunately shut down for reconstruction but when they do re-open I can only imagine how nice they would be. We made our way down Via Condotti the street directly down from the steps filled with high end stores and local brands. 

One of my top must-do experiences was to ride a vespa through the city but this time round I wasn't so lucky. There is only next time! We decided to spend our last evening in Rome watching the sunset over the Trevi and watching it light up, which was so beautiful. Highly recommend! Everything was within walking distance, except for the Vatican which I suggest making a day trip. And despite the city heat, I would do it all over again. 

One of the places we didn't have time to visit was Villa d'Este in Tivoli which is roughly 30 minutes outside Rome by car. This villa is famous for it's beautiful Italian Renaissance garden. The exteriors are breathtaking and looks like a destination definitely worth visiting. 


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