Sunday, 11 September 2016

The Island of Mykonos, Greece 2016

Words can't describe how wonderful the Greek Islands really are. Mykonos was our first stop out of three of the islands and although it was a bit windy, this place was amazing. The selections of food are fresh, the architecture is incredible, the nightlife is crazy and you can't help but find yourself lost in town, or by the sea.

We camped in Mykonos for 7 days in a little hut at Paradise Beach, which we made to feel like home. This location was incredible as it's literally on the beach and only walks away from the other beaches and resorts. We found our way exploring most of the beaches gazing at beautiful sunsets and experiencing what life was like at the other resorts. Safe to say, Paradise Beach was the best option in terms of nightlife, food and the ocean.

Trying to get around the island can be quite tricky, so we chose to hire a quad bike. Despite the one breakdown, it was totally worth it as it gave us more opportunities to explore more of the island. Throughout the week, we constantly made our way into town to taste some incredible fresh foods, while also taking in the view of the town from the windmills, and of course to wander the streets. One evening we decided to treat ourselves at an amazing Greek restaurant called Avli Tou Thodori (highly recommend), which is on Platys beach. It is voted #2 on TripAdvisor and certainly lives up to it's score.

Mykonos was definitely one of the most craziest places we spent time in and after not consuming enough Gyros, I will have to come back for more. Αντίο!


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