Friday, 11 November 2016

Two Days in Vienna


I was very excited to visit Vienna on our summer trip, I heard that this place was stunning. It certainly lived up to that. Vienna is 
the capital of Austria most famous for it's stunning modern architecture, imperial sights and cultural events. Unfortunately I didn't capture a lot 
of this beautiful city as spending two summer days here only meant exploring more and less time for photography. However 
spending less than 48 hours here, only makes me want to go back for more. 

We made sure we explored Naschmarkt, Vienna's most popular market located in Wienzeile. This market sells a variety of fresh fruit and 
vegetables from around the world, exotic herbs, dips, cheeses, baked goods, meats and seafood. There are also many restaurants which offer a range 
of international foods such as kebabs, pizza, pasta, seafood, sushi and traditional Viennese foods. The food was unbelievable and if I lived
 here, I would be here every weekend stocking up on my fresh household foods. Especially the cheese and dips! 

We spent a day walking through the city where we found ourselves at the Rathaus Town Hall. Rathauspark surrounds the building 
with green spaces, monuments and fountains and is a great spot for a picnic or a walk. During the summer, they hold a small food 
market at the entrance of the Rathaus filled with international foods. Even Australia got their own stall!

Graben, is one of the most famous shopping streets in Vienna's city centre. This is where we spent our evenings, watching the city 
come to life with it's neon lights and nightlife culture. 


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