Friday, 14 April 2017

Exploring Croatia

I spent a short time travelling through Croatia back in August 2016. It was a place I hadn't seen before - that was the beauty of Europe, each country was beautiful in their own unique way.


Our first destination was Dubrovnik, a small old town city in the southern part of Croatia. Before we landed, I expected to feel as though I was walking through a set of a medieval movie, and so it did. Not only are the historical parts breathtaking, the hidden spots where you'll tend to find the locals are worth finding. Be sure to look beyond Old Town's City Walls because you'll find beautiful views, swimming spots, and bars. I couldn't recommend Dubrovnik's Buza Bar enough, offering cold drinks and snacks while taking a jump into the Adriatic Sea. 

Split & Krka National Park

After experiencing the history of Dubrovnik, Split was our second destination and the right balance of tradition and modernism. As you walk through dozens of shops and restaurants along the turquoise Adriatic waters, you can't help but admire the beautiful backdrop of coastal mountains too. It was like a dream. The streets were constantly buzzing throughout the day and into the night - the perfect destination if you like the nightlife. 

Exploring Krka National Park is a must do if you're ever planning on travelling through Croatia. Hundreds of fresh water streams come together to form the Skradinski Buk waterfalls, making for the perfect swimming spot. Although the water can be freezing, this national treasure is loved by many tourists and locals alike and is a perfect little adventure to add to the bucket list. 


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